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October 2, 2006

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The role of AV consultants is often vital to the success of a systems design. That is why Crestron has a dedicated team of Consultant Market Managers to meet with you, our consultant partners, to discuss critical project requirements, review new product specifications, and to listen to how we can further develop our products and provide the best possible solutions to your clients.

We are proud to bring you a team with extensive industry knowledge, product experience, and the drive to support your organization.

Please take a quick glance to be familiar with who calls on your regional territory.

Meet Your Regional Consultant Market Managers Team:

Crestron Northeast
Michael Goldman

Crestron Mid Atlantic
John Heffelfinger

Crestron Southwest
Don Baughman

Crestron West
Antonio Dias
Eric Solorio

Crestron Midwest
Michael Frank

Crestron Canada
Peter Woods


Who's Who in the Crestron Technical Sales Team

The Crestron Technical Sales team located at NJ headquarters is an additional resource for our consultant partners. Our team of professional design engineers are here to provide hardware and software proposals for your bid specifications as well as to answer any product and design questions.

General Contact:

Jessica Lang
Technical Sales Administrator
800-237-2041 ext. 10294

Please send all your bid specifications to Jessica and we will provide Master Proposals. At your request, we can also pre assign quote numbers to your projects for your convenience.

Ray Coneys
Director of Technical Sales
800-237-2041 ext. 10330

System Design Engineers:

Ray O'Sullivan
800-237-2041 ext. 10241

Derek Holbrook
800-237-2041 ext. 10307

Paul Beals
800-237-2041 ext. 10394

John Givelis
800-237-2041 ext. 10251

Scott Patterson
800-237-2041 ext. 10342

Todd Norville
800-237-2041 ext. 10216

Vince Bernatowicz
Commercial Lighting
800-237-2041 ext. 10298

Beth Venditti
Market Development Liaison
800-237-2041 ext. 10285


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Crestron's MPS technology

Understanding the impact on consultants' designs

A new product line from Crestron will soon change the way you design your most typical AV systems.

Crestron's new Multimedia Presentation System (MPS) combines a control system, switcher, amplifier and mic mixer into a single, integrated unit. You will use MPS to cut your clients' hardware costs by as much as half, and MPS will greatly simplify system installation.

Equally important, MPS will dramatically cut programming costs. Depending on how you design the system, it can eliminate programming altogether.

MPS will work well in most conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls and boardrooms, as well as in dividable rooms in conference and training centers.

It's a win-win! Clients will be able to afford better systems and more of them. You'll close more design jobs, because your customers will add AV to more of their conference rooms and classrooms. They'll be happier with your work, because they'll appreciate the extra features and functionality you will provide.

Here's what you need to know about MPS now:


Some MPS Highlights

  • A Crestron 2-Series Ethernet control system that's compatible with all Crestron touchpanels and keypads
  • A multimedia matrix switcher, able to handle RGB, composite, S-video and component signals, including high definition video
  • QuickMedia™ compatibility to handle these same signals via Crestron's Cat5 cable solution
  • A 40-watt amplifier (your choice of 8-ohm stereo, 70V mono, or 100V mono-except MPS-400)
  • Microphone input and mixing (except MPS-100)
  • An audio processor with matrix-mixing, parametric/graphic EQ and speech delay (except MPS-100)

For larger or dividable rooms, you can add on Crestron QuickMedia amplifiers. But for a typical classroom or conference room, all you need to add is a DVD player, VCR, display device and, if you choose, a keypad remote or touchpanel.


Simplified programming

One of the nicest things about MPS is that, without any programming, you can set it up and control it from the front panel, Crestron's APAD LCD wall controller or a selection of keypads. A simple setup wizard walks you through the assignment of buttons to the functions you need.

With custom programming, you can spec Crestron's complete line of Isys® touchpanels and MediaManager FlipTops.

In addition, MPS supports RoomView® remote asset management, iLux™ and infiNET™ lighting controls, and Crestron's MediaManager and e-Control® product families.


MPS models

There will be four main MPS offerings with a wide range of options available within each. MPS models will vary in the size of the switcher and features they include.

MPS-100 is perfect for a small to mid-sized classroom or conference room with a relatively simple AV system, especially where budget is a primary concern.

It will have a 5x2(x5) crosspoint matrix switcher and a 40-watt amplifier. Model MPS-100 will be set up for 8-ohm stereo speakers; the MPS-100-70V for a 70 volt distributed system, and the MPS-100-100V for a 100 volt speaker system.

It will ship at the end of this year.

MPS-200 will work well with somewhat more complex classrooms and conference rooms. It will include an 8x2(x5) crosspoint switcher, 2 gated mic inputs, digital audio processing, discrete speech output and the same amplifier configurations as the MPS-100.

It also will ship at the end of the year.

MPS-300 is designed for larger, more complex AV systems, including videoconferencing rooms. If you add on Crestron QuickMedia™ amplifiers, it will work well in a dividable ballroom or conference center. It has the features and amplifier configurations of the MPS-200 plus an internal 8x7(x5) crosspoint switcher, 8 channel mic mixer, and QuickMedia matrix switcher.

It will be available in late spring 2007.

MPS-400, is identical to the MPS-300, but adds an 11x7(x5) crosspoint matrix switcher and has no internal amplifier. It will be ideal for larger conference rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums and dividable rooms.

It will ship in late spring 2007.


Start designing with MPS now

Consultants, please contact your Crestron Regional Manager with your questions. They're ready to help you integrate MPS into the systems you're designing now. It's so easy to get set-up and get connected with MPS presentation systems. Explore the various MPS applications by visiting:


Highlight Your Project

If you have an installation that has benefited from Crestron's MPS products or any of our other solutions, we would love to highlight it in Crestron's marketing materials or submit it to the trade magazines. Contact your Regional Manager and we'll show you how we can help.

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