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November 14, 2006

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The role of AV consultants is often vital to the success of a systems design. That is why Crestron has a dedicated team of Consultant Market Managers to meet with you, our consultant partners, to discuss critical project requirements, review new product specifications, and to listen to how we can further develop our products and provide the best possible solutions to your clients.

We are proud to bring you a team with extensive industry knowledge, product experience, and the drive to support your organization.

Please take a quick glance to be familiar with who calls on your regional territory.

Meet Your Regional Consultant Market Managers Team:

Crestron Northeast
Michael Goldman

Crestron Mid Atlantic
John Heffelfinger

Crestron Southwest
Don Baughman

Crestron West
Antonio Dias
Eric Solorio

Crestron Midwest
Michael Frank

Crestron Canada
Peter Woods


Who's Who in the Crestron Technical Sales Team

The Crestron Technical Sales team located at NJ headquarters is an additional resource for our consultant partners. Our team of professional design engineers are here to provide hardware and software proposals for your bid specifications as well as to answer any product and design questions.

General Contact:

Jessica Lang
Technical Sales Administrator
800-237-2041 ext. 10294

Please send all your bid specifications to Jessica and we will provide Master Proposals. At your request, we can also pre assign quote numbers to your projects for your convenience.

Ray Coneys
Director of Technical Sales
800-237-2041 ext. 10330

System Design Engineers:

Ray O'Sullivan
800-237-2041 ext. 10241

Derek Holbrook
800-237-2041 ext. 10307

Paul Beals
800-237-2041 ext. 10394

John Givelis
800-237-2041 ext. 10251

Scott Patterson
800-237-2041 ext. 10342

Todd Norville
800-237-2041 ext. 10216

Vince Bernatowicz
Commercial Lighting
800-237-2041 ext. 10298

Beth Venditti
Market Development Liaison
800-237-2041 ext. 10285


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MDU? It's not a is creating opportunities for consultants

There's a national trend toward living in multi-dwelling unit (MDU) residences. Every major city is seeing it, as well as smaller cities, suburbs and resort towns. Baby-boomers are giving up their single-family homes in favor of condominiums and townhouses. Others seek comfortable, technologically-advanced living spaces.

Only a few consultants have taken advantage of this large and growing market; however, the buying cycle is perfect for the consultant solution. Large corporations with professional managers typically make the purchasing decision. Architects are key influencers. The benefits that consultants offer - consistent, creative design, impartial judgment, thoughtful evaluation of bidders and the bid process, valuable system commissioning services - are very attractive to these clients.

Crestron is here to help you penetrate the MDU market, both with our strong product line and our professional support. If you haven't considered Crestron as a major part of your MDU solution, maybe it's time you did.


Application Highlights

Homeowners and building owners are looking for great television, multi-room audio, automated lighting and sophisticated control of climate, drapery and security systems.

It's important to note that not every homeowner wants a whole-home system. In a large building, you'll have individuals who want great audio but nothing more. Others will be more concerned with security, climate control and lighting. Some will have heard of amenities solutions and ask if you can provide them. People think of MDU in terms of luxury developments; however, a lower-cost building can benefit from these systems and your services. Crestron MDU can make a hum-drum development into something really special, greatly enhancing its marketability and profitability.

No matter what the development, CAT5 implementation will be very important, because the dwelling units are often wired before they are sold, and before a homeowner can decide where he may want televisions, speakers and control panels. QuickMedia(tm) is Crestron's CAT5 cabling solution for wiring individual dwelling units or a whole complex.

In a full-blown system, you'll need to provide flexible controls. The homeowner does not want to give guests access to the security system; however, everyone needs to operate local lights, media, temperature and draperies.

Other types of developments - retirement communities, hotels, resorts and even hospitals - may benefit from systems based on the MDU concept. The opportunity is immense!


Crestron Solutions

If you're designing for the MDU market, you need to offer a wide variety of solutions, from inexpensive entry-level systems to whole-home automation. The flexibility you gain from using Crestron's comprehensive product line will give a significant competitive advantage over designers who don't.

Read Crestron's MDU brochure (PDF - 2.2M) for an overall look at Crestron's approach to this market. You can use any Crestron product in your MDU designs; however, these systems are of particular interest in the MDU context:

iLux(tm) is Crestron's integrated zoned lighting system, which you can use to centralize lighting, shade and screen controls. infiNET(tm) is our series of wireless lighting controllers using reliable mesh-network technology to simplify lighting automation in remodeling and retrofit situations.

Adagio is Crestron's home media solution, for CD, MP3, video and satellite radio playback, multi-room distribution and control.

A good wireless touchpanel is critical in this market, as are wired wall panels. Check out the TPMC-8X and the APAD controls, as well as the TPMC-15-CH and TPMC-17-CH-L for whole-home control

Remember that residential users will often be lounging or lying down when controlling the system. The diminutive TPMC-4X and ML-600 are terrific solutions when it's time to relax.

You need to be aware that Crestron now partners with industry leader Vertical Integrations Group (VIG) to supply superior concierge and personal services. With the VertiLinc® service, homeowners can do anything from buying groceries or theater tickets to having their car brought up and warmed, all from their touchpanel.


Start Designing for MDU now

We'd love to help you penetrate the MDU market.

Please contact your Crestron Regional Manager with any questions. We're ready to help you integrate Crestron into your MDU designs and solutions.

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