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"We've made our website a priority for our budget this year. Because let's face it, the web is just such a dominant tool," says Jeffrey Nelson, vice president of marketing of Minneapolis-based pro AV dealer and integrator Graybow, Inc.

Nelson reports that about 30 - 35% of Graybow's new customers are coming in through its website. For that reason, he started overhauling a site that was just 8 months old while planning to add additional websites to Graybow's marketing mix.

Read Don Kreski's article from ProAV Magazine, Developing Profitable Websites, and learn:
  • What makes Graybow's site so effective?
  • How did SPL Integrated Systems set up their site, and what are their goals?
  • What should an AV integrator website be?

This is the best thing we did last year," says Susan Lewis of Lewis Sound & Video about her new website. The 105-page online brochure:
  • Features 36 customer installs in 80 pages
  • Offers photos, descriptions, longer articles and slide shows
  • Makes a compelling case that Lewis Sound is a terrific dominant sound & video contractor
Read how the new website helps Lewis Sound bring in more business

Here's a simple checklist that will help you produce more successful email:
  • Does your "From" line include your company name?
  • Does your "Subject" line incorporate a specific benefit?
  • Is your message targeted, relevant and timely?
  • Do you have a strong call to action?
  • Do you comply with anti-spam laws?
Read the complete "Email Campaign Checklist" from Constant Contact.

The biggest attraction of the Lewis Sound website is the photography. Yet we knew going in that we would not be able to afford the number of quality images we needed if I shot them in the traditional way.

Instead, I was able to shoot 3 - 5 customer sites per day using a digital technique to control lighting and color.

Read how I shot 45 customer sites for the Lewis website.

If you're working on a website, it can be a big help to see what others have done. Here are some AV industry sites worth a careful look: (All sites created by Kreski Marketing)

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